Never Lose Hoop Partners with NAME ON THE COURT



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Jordan Hulls  has partnered IU alum Scott Hopkins to help promote a new licensed IU product and in turn raise money for the Hulls’ Never Lose Hoop Charity, which helps assist kids affected by cancer. The item is a personalized, photographic print of Assembly Hall where a person can have his/her name spelled out on the court with basketballs, have their image on the video monitor and a personal message on the scoreboard. 18 X 12 and 24 X 16 prints are available.


To order, go to and enter the promo code JHNLH next to Hulls’ image on the website. For every sale, 10% will go to Never Lose Hoop.

A great product with a great cause.

About Jordan Hulls

"Going through all we did at IU and what we were able to accomplish, it's kind of surreal. ... To have people look at me as a role model is something I take some pride in." - Jordan Hulls

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